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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Triprangode Siva Temple

Story of Sree Triprangode Siva Temple Far ago, there lived a sage called Mrikandu with his wife Marudvati. Both were devotees of Shiva (He is the Eternal Lord. He is the Ruler of time Mahakaleshvara the Originator of tim...e (Mahakala) and Destroyer of time (Kalari) or Kalasamhara Murti). The couple was childless, and so decided to perform austerity rituals so they would be blessed with a child. Then one day, Shiva appeared before them, Shiva asked the couple if they desired an ordinary and mentally disabled son who would live a long life, or an exceptional son who would live a short life till the age of sixteen? In due course, Marudvati gave birth to a boy and the child was named Markandeya. Markandeya was an exceptionally gifted child, and became an accomplished sage early in his childhood. He was especially devoted to Shiva, and had mastered the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. As the boy was getting on to be sixteen, Rishi Mrikandu became sad. At the age of sixteen, his time on this earth will come to an end, and so Yama, came to take his life away. The boy, Markandeya was afraid, he then ran to Lord Mahavishnu (the preserver) but he was helpless and he directed him to Triprangottappan (Lord Shiva). On the way to Triprangode temple there was a huge banyan tree that stood by making difficulty to enter into the temple. At the time he reached there surprisingly the tree separated into two parts and then he could easily enter in to temple. Markandeya hugged the Shiva Lingam and requested Lord Shiva to protect him from Yama. Yama threw his noose around the boy-sage; it encircled the Shiva Lingam too. At a blow, the Shiva Lingam burst open with a thundering roar and a majestic, fiery form of Lord Shiva appeared out of the blazing light. Lord Shiva was very anger and asked whether Yama has these much courage to encircle the Shiva Lingam with his noose, Shiva struck down Yama with his Trident (trishool), and Yama was no more. Markandeya was escaped from death. Shiva blessed Markandeya with eternal life and proclaimed that he shall remain forever as a sixteen-year-old sage. The assembly of Devas, who had witnessed all these, begged Shiva to revive Yama. Otherwise there will be a situation in the world with people live long without death. This would put unnecessary burden on the earth. Shiva then revived Yama, and declared that His devotees were forever to be spared from the noose of Yama. Since that day, the fiery form of Shiva that appeared to save the boy-sage Markandeya is called Kalasamhara Murti Getting there: Nearest Railway stations: Tirur (10kms), Kuttipuram (11kms), Tirunavaya (5kms) Nearest Town: Alathiyoor Triprangode Temple is between Tirunavaya and Alathiyoor PH: 0494 2566046

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